Academic Advisory Committee Members


External Members of Academic Advisory Committee

·         Shri Dilip Padhye, DG,NICF, New Delhi

·         Dr. K.R. Srivathasan, IIT, Bhubaneshwar

·         Dr. Madhu Vij, Professor, FMS, New Delhi

·         Dr. P. Alli Rani, Director (Fin), CONCOR I Ltd, New Delhi

·         Dr. R. Ravikumar, Professor, IIMB

·         Dr. Sanjiv Mittal, Professor, Dept. of Mgt. Studies, GG IPU, New Delhi

·         Shri Yashwant Kumar, Economic Adviser, Govt. of MP

NIFM Faculty

·         Dr. A.M. Sherry, Program Chair, PGDM (Fin. Mkts) & Member Secretary, AAC

·         Smt. Ila Singh, Program Chair, DPFM (PTC) & Faculty Incharge (Admn)

·         Shri K.S. Gopinath Narayan, Programme Director (MDP)

·         Dr. Shikha Mathur Kumar, Program Chair, DGA&IA

·         Dr. Brajesh Kumar, Program Chair, FPM

·         Dr. Jaya Bhalla, Controller of Examinations


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