Ministry of Finance, Government of India identified NIFM as the nodal agency for conducting training programmes on this subject with a view to educating and familiarizing the concerned executives/officers with all the relevant rules and procedures of public procurement. NIFM receives active support from Public Procurement Division of Ministry of Finance, Government of India in this regard. NIFM has been conducting such training programmes periodically since 1996. 

During 2016-17, forty programs had been planned and till the last week of March 2017, thirty seven programs had been conducted and 1592 participants had attended. They came from various departments e.g. CPWD, ISRO, ICAR, CGWB, NIC, GSI, Income Tax, Department of Post, DoT, Department of Atomic Energy, Academic Institutes like IITs, AIIMS, Defence Services (Army, Air Force & Navy), and Paramilitary organisations like BSF, CRPF, ITBP etc. and various Ministries of the Government of India. 

This capacity building programme has been approved by the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, Government of India. The contents and the format of the programme has been broadly approved by the MOF. This programme is financed by the MOF. It is free for the officials of Central Government Ministries and Departments, Central autonomous bodies and attached and subordinate offices of Central Government Departments.

Around 35% of expenditure of an organization   is spent on procurement.  The purpose of the Govt. in this programme is widespread dissemination of knowledge, awareness and skill in the important area of Public Procurement. Decision making in area of Public Procurement involves risk and requires the highest level of integrity. Uninformed and inefficient execution of procurement process leads to delays, inefficiency, lack of adherence to quality and risk of charges of corruption.

To avoid all these pitfalls, best remedy is to improve knowledge and skill in this area. The knowledge and skill is required not merely by the decision maker but the environment around the decision maker shall be of people who are well informed. So, this course is open for beginners in the area of procurement.

As far as response of participant for the above programme is concerned, it is the most popular programme among participants and it is estimated by this fact that we in this MDP got maximum nomination in advance as well as each batch contains on an average 55 participants and they gave rating to this programme 4.5 at point scale of 5. Ministry of Finance has approved to conduct 42 more programmes in 2017-18.

Revision of fees for the Management Development Programmes w.e.f 1st October, 2017


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