Call for Papers

We invite Academicians, Research Scholars, Students, Entrepreneurs and Consultants for applied or empirical contributions towards the various perspectives surrounding Fintech in emerging economies. Papers reflecting out-of-the-box thinking would be appreciated. Within this overall theme, the main topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:

  1. Evolution of technology in Financial Markets
  2. Regulatory Sandboxes for FinTech in India
  3. FinTech Revolution to transform the Financial Services including processing of Instant Payments; Open Platforms; Mobile Payments; and Wallets
  4. FinTech: Drivers of Digital India
  5. Challenges of Cybersecurity in Banking, FinTech and Transaction Environment
  6. International Payment Transformation: Ripple
  7. Role of FinTech in Financial Inclusion and Financial Integration
  8. Risk and Opportunities in FinTech and Support of RegTech in AML/CFT Supervision: Implications of FinTech Developments for Banks and Bank Supervision
  9. FinTech and RegTech: Significant trends in shaping Peer-To-Peer Transfers, Crowdfunding, Know-Your-Customer (KYC)
  10. Fintech and Next-generation Retail Commerce
  11. Entrepreneurship, Fintech and Investing